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    Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe(PCCP)  

    Characteristics of Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe(PCCP)
    1, the advanced design, safety
    It will be an integrated analysis of internal pressure and external load together design. The method takes into
    account the wall of elastic and inelastic deformation and safely limit the concrete compressive stress, this flexibility
    allows the design engineer based on the actual situation of the pipeline the most economical, most reliable pipe
    2, to withstand high intemal pressure and extemal load
    PCCP used as the test by hydraulic cylinders, solve the general problem of seepage of concrete pipe there, so it
    can withstand high working pressure up to 5.0lVlPa; because PCCP can be fully used in the design resistance of
    concrete compressive strength, so the pipe can withstand more than other external loads.
    3, the joint sealed
    PCCP joints using steel socket, jack socket and with the clearance face diameter is O-0.6mm. Socket is shaped
    with a groove tailor-made steel, seals placed in the groove, which are linked closely together to ensure that the
    interface forms the interface with excellent water tightness
    4, double rubber ring joints
    Double apron of interface not only to ensure an excellent seal, but also so that the tube can be tested in the
    installation interface to install the qualified or not.
    5, on the ground adaptability and seismic performance
    PCCP joints rigid and flexible interface, has some degree of rigidity, has a certain flexibility to be able to turn a
    certain angle, so the foundation to adapt to changes in performance (if not uniform settlement or earthquakes) than
    other pipe is good.
    6, higher capacity with water
    PCCP inner surface is very smooth, does not form a tumor section, surface scaling, the pipeline running through
    the service period to maintain a high water capacity
    7, good corrosion resistance
    As the composition of all steels were PCCP good dense concrete of the package, socket by the antiseptic
    treatment of the exposed parts of the installation and use of its seal pouring mortar; concrete or cement mortar to
    provide a high alkaline environment will PCCP internal steel passivation, to prevent corrosion.
    8, some joints can be welded to resist the thrust
    When the construction site is not convenient to do concrete buttress to resist the thrust, or by comparison when
    the economy is not doing concrete buttress, PCCP corner by a number in the iield of steel pipe welded interfaces
    in order to resist the thrust.
    9, the economic security of the pipeline operation
    PCCP unique form of composite structure and the unique interface, making the body of this pipe will not be leaking
    pipe, leaking joints, nor will there be burst pipes, broken pipes and so on. Water line in the long run, the loss of
    small pipes, water and low cost.
    10, low cost, long life, good social benefits
    PCCP's consumption of steel pipe to save 70% than for the straight-type, easy transportation, and steel connector
    makes transportation and installation process without loss. Degree of narrow trench excavation during installation,
    interface shallow pit work, easy installation, and lower total cost, to meet the impemrieability good premise, PCCP
    life of up to 50 years, their social benefits is good.