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    FRP prestressed concrete cylinder pipe(FPCCP)  

    1, safe and reliable design
    FPCCP designed in accordance with AWWA CSO4 and AWWA M9 implementation, design process, the use of
    limit state criteria, elastic and ultimate strength limit state criteria guidelines, the pre-pressure, internal pressure and
    external load rational combination, combined with the wall of the elastic deformation and inelastic deformation
    give full play to the tensile steel, concrete compressive strength, FRP chemical resistant properties, the safe limit of
    tensile and compressive stress of concrete, design engineers can be based on the actual situation of the pipeline
    the most economical and reliable pipe design.
    2, the joint has good resistance to leakage of
    FPCCP joint use ofthe "O" rubber ring seal; its socket and the socket ring ring for glass fiber reinforced composite
    cylinders, for the self-socket joints, with the installation of self-positioning effect; jack groove embedded with
    a special steel, rubber ring rubber seal groove in accordance with sections such as design, installation in the
    groove, installed after the tvvo-way squeeze by the rubber ring to form a good seal strength, ensure anti-leakage
    performance ofthe pipe.
    3, excellent corrosion resistance
    Constitute FPCCP all concrete and steel are wrapped in fiberglass, steel and glass socket composite steel tube,
    thereby FPCCP has good corrosion resistance. Sea transportation to meet delivery and various chemical media.
    4, hydraulic flow resistance
    FPCCP pipe wall of glass fiber reinforced resin-rich surface roughness up to 0.0084, the inner surface smooth,
    easy scaling, to ensure consistent flow pipeline.
    5, the installation of high efliciency
    FPCCP pipe length is usually 6 m / root and 12 m / root, the installation quick and easy. FPCCP pipe pipe socket
    though, but uniform diameter, without additional processing base without mortar joints perfusion, improved
    installation efficiency.
    6, the flexible joints on the basis of adaptability
    FPCCP joints can rotate a certain angle, with a strong ability to resist uneven settlement of foundation do not ask,
    you can adapt to the complex geological conditions.
    7, strong earthquake
    FPCCP pipe composite of fiberglass, concrete, steel tube, and prestressed steel wire, socket joints using FRP
    composite steel, full glass, steel, flexibility and steel toughness, FPCCP tube with excellent seismic performance,
    the strong earthquake can maintain intact lossless.
    8, FPCCP supporting pipe fittings complete
    FPCCP great flexibility to provide different forms of the supporting tube FPCCP to meet the environmental
    requirements of different projects.
    9, engineering adaptability
    FPCCP by the glass, steel, concrete, steel tube, and prestressed steel composite, can adapt to a variety of
    construction techniques can be used for direct burial, jacking, inverted siphon and other construction technology
    FRP smooth surface suitable for pipe jacking process.
    1 0, long life
    FPCCP use of fiberglass and steel tube impermeability the use of glass and steel wire for prestressed steel tube to
    protect it from the external environment of corrosion, the useful life of 50 years.
    1 1, excellent engineering economy
    FPCCP excellent mechanical properties, lower requirements for foundation and backfill, reducing construction
    costs, while glass, steel for steel protection, no interface, the pouring of concrete and steel tube cathodic
    protection, engineering, economic good.
    12, low maintenance costs
    FPCCP glass composite pipe, concrete pipe and pipe the advantages of excellent mechanical properties, does
    not require maintenance during the operation, maintenance costs are lower