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    HengRun Group Co., LTD, headquartered in Zaoqiang County, Hebei Province of China, is a world-class producer of large pipes, tanks, vessels and equipment. Companies in water, municipal, electrical, oceanic, chemical and oil industry use these products in a wide range of applications. Since its inception in 2001, HengRun has successfully grown to become a high-tech enterprise group with more than 10 companies or factories all over China. Its businesses cover pipes and equipment manufacturing, environment protection, technology, logistics and composite material research and development etc. As for comprehensive strength, HengRun is Top One in China. Its main products are Glass-Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Pipes, Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP), FRP Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (FPCCP), High-performance Fiber Multi-Types Composite Pipe (HFMCP), High-performance Pre-stressed Carbon Fiber Cylinder Pipe (HPCFCP) and High-performance Pre-stressed Resin Resistant Motar Pipe (HPRRMP) and many other pipes with new material and associated equipment and instrument. 15% of the company’s products are exported to different countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

    HengRun’s success has come about through innovation and research. The company has 1500 educational and technical employees including 210 engineers. Besides that, the company invites Du Shanyi and Chen Xiangbao, Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, to guide researching and developing new technology, products and processes. In 2011, the Group established Hebei Multi-types Composite Material Engineering and Technology Center, operating directly under the supervision of the Government of Hebei Province. In 2012, together with more than 10 universities or institutions like Wuhan University of Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Hebei University of Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics etc.. HengRun founded Hebei Composite Material Research Institute to improve the R & D strength and abilities. The Group also established Academician workstation, Post-Doctoral Innovation Base and Hengshui University’s Students Training and Employment Base, attracting a lot of experts and professors to carry on the science and research work.

    HengRun enjoys 4 invention patents and 28 utility model patents. Among which, Ultra-large type Active Carbon Filters, high performance Fiber-enhanced Composite material Pipe, and high performance multiple composite pipes filled an international gap of science and technology. Now HengRun has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality and innovative products and services to industrial use worldwide.

    HengRun’s products have been approved by ISO 9001 Quality system, United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), ISO 14001 Environment System, GB/T 29001 Occupation Health Safety System, U.K Water Regulations Advisory Scheme(WRAS), and National Secondary Anti-corrosion & Installation Test. HengRun pipes are honored as "China Famous Product”, "Hebei Famous Product" and "Hebei Famous Trademark”. The company is certified as “AAA credit" organization by Bank of China, "Credible enterprise” and "High-tech enterprise” by the Government of Hebei province. The quality of all products is guaranteed by People’s Insurance Company of China.

    HengRun Group Co., LTD has expanded into agriculture industry. Now it enjoys 30,000 acres of park around Hengshui Lake mainly for Walnut and begonia trees. HengRun will continually explore the planting models in plain area and will build a through-train system of seeding, breeding, planting, research, processing and sales. In order to save agriculture resources, adjust industry structure, develop agriculture economy and increase farmers income, HengRun actively spreads the intensive cultivation technology in the local area. In the near future, the demonstration park will become an ecological place for tourists sightseeing, fruits-picking, playing and having holidays, adding more charm and attraction to the city of Hengshui.